About Us


We are Evan and Elizabeth Mayfield, the owners and creators of RISTOR. First and foremost, we would like to thank you for visiting us online. You rock.

Our brand started in early 2013 with a simple idea. We wanted to create high quality, one of a kind, up-cycled lamps that have a story. Not just a conversation piece, but a really unique and interesting story. We also set out to make sure that whatever we produced was unlike anything available on the market. Those were our two goals, and we've stuck to them..

What makes us different?

Well, Evan Mayfield is a former Disney animator who is combing the principles of animation with the art of lamp making. That gives RI-STOR lamps a lot of character and personality that is not often found in lighting products. It isn't just the creator, but what he is creating with that also makes us different. We use old analog equipment that we scour the planet to find. It's stuff that no one uses or wants anymore. And not just any piece of analog equipment will do. Only the coolest, bizarre, and utterly odd that we can get our hands on. Our lamps range from scientific equipment, automotive, military, film industry, and whatever else catches our eye. And again, its got to have a story. All of the lamps we make are hand picked, stripped down, and hand-wired by us. We make sure to remove all of the internals that could potentially be hazardous or cause problems. We use toggle switches to control the unit, and indicator lights to glow whenever we can. We always make sure to use UL approved plugs for safety.

We believe that all of these things help set us apart in a very creative world, and we hope that you think so too.

Big thanks to Josh Carnley for our logo design, and John Wikstrom for our promo video.

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